How We Work

How does it begin. It begins with a phone call. Call our showroom for your free in home consultation. We will schedule a time for one of our designers to come to your home to review your remodeling ideas and measure the space for new cabinetry. If your plan requires construction, we will send our contractor, also.
If it is a kitchen remodel, the designer uses the measurements to create a working floor plan on the computer for you to view the design in 3D. When the design is ready, we will call you to schedule a time that is convenient for you to come to the showroom to review the design. At this time we will work together to determine your storage needs, discuss accessory options, look at cabinet door styles, and get pricing.
Kitchen Remodeling
If construction is involved, our contractor will discuss with you your proposed plan. He will determine whether a wall can be removed, plumbing can be relocated , electrical changes or additions can be made, or any other issue that requires a professional. Sometimes this may require accessing an attic or crawl space. Sometimes it may require making a hole in the area in question.
After your initial meeting, he will prepare and send a written proposed work plan fpr you to review, either by email or you can stop by the showroom and pick up your copy. We ask you review your proposal and make any changes that are different than what is on the proposal. After you have corrected the proposal, we will prepare and send back the corrected work plan with an estimated cost. You will want to schedule another time to meet with him to go over the contract and finalized any last details, ask questions, and confirm start times.
We try to schedule work around the delivery of the cabinets. Construction needs to be complete before cabinets are installed. Cabinets take on the average 5-8 weeks depending on the manufacturer. After cabinets are installed, counter tops templates are done and scheduled for install within a 10 day turn around time. After counter tops are installed, plumbing is hooked up and backsplashes are installed. Most kitchen projects take anywhere from 8-12 weeks depending on the extensive amount of work being done.
Installation & Delivery