Our Services and Process

We are a full service design/ build company.  We are a state certified building contractor with a showroom of cabinets.  Whatever your needs we can provide you with reliable, dependable service. Our services include:

Working with architects on the design plan of new construction

We do All areas of remodeling;

  • Design new kitchens and baths, entertainment areas, storage spaces, custom closets, counter tops, provide cabinetry needs
  • Ceiling work, floor work, drywall, trim work, carpentry, doors and windows, exterior construction, electrical, plumbing, tile backsplashes
  • We give the customer direction on what to purchase, when it is needed, and provide a list of vendors to purchase from to make the process smooth as possible. We schedule all phases of the job, from removal of existing items and disposal, to installing counter tops and backsplash tiles

Remodeling is a process, we want this process to be as easy and smooth as possible.  As a team, each one of our employees is qualified to help direct you and answer any one of your questions.  If there is a question that cannot be answered by one of us, we will help you to get the answer you need.

We feel the more information we can give you, the better it will be for you to make educated decisions. And the happier you will be about the finished product.   Communication, the right tools, questions answered, is all a part of the making of a successful finished job.